Montessori Early Childhood (3 to 6) Diploma Program

Course Procedure

Enrolment in this program is open throughout the year. Anyone can enroll anytime.

Content of the Montessori Preschool / Kindergarten (3 to 6) Diploma Program

The course content has been divided into 12 curriculum areas called modules. Each module has an assignment with it, which must be completed within a month's period with the help of the online tutors. The total course duration is 12 months which includes attending 20 Days Montessori Practical Training Workshop, apart from completing the assignments of each module. 

  • Module 1: Montessori 3-6 Classroom Guide
  • Module 2: Exercises of Practical Life (EPL)
  • Module 3: Sensorial Exercises
  • Module 4: Language & Phonics Exercises 1
  • Module 5: Arithmetic Exercises 1
  • Module 6: Language 2
  • Module 7: Arithmetic Exercises 2
  • Module 8: Culture 1 (Exercises of Geography & History)
  • Module 9: Culture 2 (Exercises of Botany, Zoology & Science Experiments)
  • Module 10: Handwork
  • Module 11: Montessori Peace Education
  • Module 12: Montessori School Administration


 20 Days Montessori Workshop (for resident Pakistanis only)

Attending 20 Days Montessori Workshop is obligatory part of our Early Childhood (3 to 6) Diploma for all trainees residing in Pakistan. These 80+ hours practical exploration of Montessori method provides necessary hands-on experience with Montessori materials in the presence of expert Montessori trainers. We use cutting edge technology to the best for covering up the entire curriculum in 20 Days. Our workshops prove to be a life changing experience for most participants. We watch Montessori training videos and simulations, do group discussions, practice with Montessori materials, prepare portfolios and projects and interact with Montessori experts. There is an assessment at the end of the workshop, and the marks are added in the final assessment.


Online Learning Management System (for Overseas Pakistanis & foreigners only)

It is optional for overseas Pakistanis and foreigners to attend 20 Days Practical Training Workshop. They are given special access to our Moodle based Online Learning Management System. Apart from the printed manuals that are sent to the students through airmail, almost all other resources are delivered to the students electronically. Our LMS allows the trainees to access video lectures, training videos, sharing and collaboration tools and submit online assignments. The lessons in Moodle have been based on SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) which is the most widely used e-learning standard across the globe. It manages all the pedagogy by assessing your performance at the end of each lesson and then takes you to the next. You can have a glimpse of our Learning Management system by clicking here and access the sample module by logging in as guest. 


Personal Tutors

You will be assigned personal tutors to whom you will have unlimited access throughout your program. You are welcome to contact your tutor during office hours by toll free telephone (toll-free 0800-45555) and internet applications like email, skype, viber, etc. Our tutors are experienced Montessori educators and trainers who are well-knowledged and practiced in all facets of Montessori education – the philosophy, methods, materials, and interactions. Your tutor will personally assist you with any questions pertaining to Montessori education, our curriculum and resources the use of didactic materials, classroom questions, and assignment questions; plus your tutor will be happy to offer you encouragement and guidance throughout your program.


Maximum Duration

The maximum duration allowed to complete the course is 1 year. However, one may complete the course earlier by submitting assignments and attending the workshop earlier.


Final Examination

Having submitted all your assignments and participating in the 20 Days Workshop, the trainees are required to go through an Home Based Final Examination. Successful candidates are awarded with One Year Montessori Diploma for Early Childhood Education (3 to 6 years)


Professional Support

Our professional support department works incessantly to create jobs for Montessori trained teachers and arranges employment for our graduated students. Visit our facebook page regularly to find latest job posting.

Montessori Early Childhood Diploma Program (Overview)
Training Manuals
Training Videos
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Montessori Training Manuals

You get 12 premium quality, fully coloured and highly illustrated Montessori Preschool / Kindergarten (3 - 6) training manuals.

These manuals have been specially designed according to the modern principles of distance education. We are sure that they will prove to be wonderful teaching resources for your entire life.


Montessori Training Videos

Once enrolled you get access to more than 25 hours of HD training videos including presentations with Montessori materials and video tutorials by expert Montessorians during the free 20 days workshops. You also get online access if you enroll as a foreigner or overseas Pakistani.

Video presentations for all curriculum areas including Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Botany, Zoology, History, Science Experiments and Handwork have been made available.


Online Tutorial Support

You will be assigned online tutors to whom you will have unlimited access throughout your training program. You can contact your tutors in our online support center at any time on skype, viber, email or conventional telephone. Our tutors are experienced Montessori educators and trainers who will personally assist you in any area related to your course. 

The contact details of your tutors are given in the Online Support Center Information Letter sent along with your course material.