Enrolment in Montessori Early

Childhood / Preschool (3 to 6) Diploma Program




 Full Course Fee

 Resident Pakistanis        

 Rs. 36,000 course fee + 1000 admission             

 Overseas Pakistanis

 US$ 611only (or equivalent in Pak rupees)


 US$ 611 only (or equivalent in Pak rupees)


Payment of Fee in Instalments

If one cannot afford to pay the whole fee in a lump sum, the options of paying in instalments is available and is described as under. (For resident Pakistanis only).

  • Full Course Plan: At the payment of Rs. 36000 course fee + Rs. 1000 admission fee all the 12 manuals are sent. A maximum of 12 months time is allotted for the submission of all the assignments.  
  • Half Course Plan: At the payment of Rs.18000 course fee + Rs. 1000 admission fee 6 out of 12 manuals are sent. A maximum of 6 months time is allotted for the submission of all the assignments. Having finished the first half the next half can be requested with the payment of remaining Rs. 18000.
  • 2 Manuals Plan: At the payment of Rs.6000 course fee + Rs. 1000 admission fee 2 out of 12 manuals are sent.  A maximum of 2 months time is allotted for the submission of both the assignments. Having finished the given manuals, next two can be requested and so on.
  • 1 Manual Plan: At the payment of Rs.3000 course fee + Rs. 1000 admission fee 1 out of 12 manuals is sent. A maximum of one month time is allotted for the submission of the assignment. Having finished the given manual the next one can be requested and so on.

A custom payment plan can also be figured out. You simply have to pay according to the number of manuals you want to have at one time. Instalments option is only for resident Pakistanis.

Additional Government Credit

All trainees are awarded with a diploma by MP at the successful completion of the course. 

Apart from this, Montessori Pakistan holds the exclusive affiliation of Skill Development Council (SDC), which is a project of Ministry of Labour, Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis and has been established with the assistance of World Bank, ILO and Employees Federation of Pakistan. By taking an optional SDC examination at the completion of the course, all MP students can also acquire the diploma which comes straight from a government body.

(Note: Only successful PMC graudates can apply for Skill Development Council Examination and can  obtain the additional diploma after passing relevant examination)


Examination and Certification Fee




 PMC Examination and Certification (Mandatory)

 Rs. 2000      

 To be paid at the time of final assessment. 

 SDC Examination (Optional)

 Rs. 3000

 To be paid if want to apply for additional optional SDC Examination and diploma.  


Admission Methods

Both males and females with minimum qualification Intermediate may join the course through any of the methods given below. The admission fee would be Rs. 1000 charged at the time of admission. There is no admission fee for overseas Pakistanis and foreigners.

1) VPP Method: This is for the convenience of the students. Give a call to your nearest PMC zonal office or toll free call centre (0800-4-5555) and get your online form filled. The course material along with the necessary instructions will be sent to you through VPP and you pay your fee to the postman when you receive your material. Later on, fill in the following forms along with the requirements and send to our postal address.

2) Bank Draft Method: Fill in the forms given above and send to our postal address with a bank draft of the fee in the favour of Montessori Pakistan. As soon as your documents reach us, we will send you your course material along with the necessary instructions.

 Montessori Pakistan
 H-58, St-12, New Bani Gala Greens, Qasim Avenue, Near Imran Khan Chowk, Bani Gala
Islamabad, Pakistan

3) Regular Method: Fill in the admission forms given above and visit your nearest PMC registration office to deposit the documents and your fee.

4) Online Method: Click here to fill in the online form. Your books will be sent to you through VPP. You can receive it when you pay your course fee to the postman.


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What will you get?

On erollment you get;

1. Twelve premium quality, fully coloured and highly illustrated Montessori Preschool / Kindergarten (3 - 6) training manuals. 

2. Access to HD Montessori training videos in all curriculum areas. (Terms & Conditions apply)

3. 20 Days Free Montessori Workshop or Access to our Online Learning Management System (for foreigners and overseas Pakistanis only)

4. Dedicated online tutorial support.

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