pmckids Montessori Schools, a project of Pakistan Montessori Concern (SMC) (Pvt.) Ltd., was founded in 2006 in Islamabad in response to the huge demand of Montessori-aware parents, Montessori trained teachers, who were earnestly looking for true Montessori environment, either to enroll their kids or practice Montessori teaching skills in real classroom environment.

In a short span of time, pmckids grew into a large dedicated community of Montessori educators and parents. New campuses were established in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Gilgit and Hunza. Nearly 7,000 students have attended Montessori since its inception, and it has grown not just in terms of branches and students, but also the age levels served. We now offer the following Montessori programs for kids;


Montessori Infants / Toddlers (for age birth to 2.5 years)
Montessori Early Childhood (for age 2.5 to 6 years)
Montessori Lower Elementary (for age 6 to 9 years)
Montessori Upper Elementary (for age 9 to 12 years)
Montessori Lower Secondary (for age 12 to 15 years)


In the next couple of years we will start Montessori Upper Secondary Program, which will lead students to either Cambridge O-Level Certification or Matriculation Certification depending upon their choice.


Each pmckids (house of children) exposes the reality of most renowned but fake Montessori schools, as they continue to mislead the parents by advertising their conventional schools as Montessori schools. The reality is that even after more than a 100 years of the establishment of Montessori system, we do not have true Montessori schools in Pakistan (apart from pmckids and a small fraction of exceptions). There are many reasons why schools do not implement true Montessori system and use the word Montessori only as a business catalyst in advertising. A few have been mentioned underneath;


  • lack of Montessori trained teachers.
  • expensive nature of Montessori training programs.
  • lack of awareness regarding Montessori system.
  • high cost involved in the purchase of Montessori materials and setting up the environment.


Through pmckids, PMC aims to establish a true Montessori school in every neighborhood, and provide international standard Montessori schooling, equipped with optimum learning environment, fulfilling standards of safety, hygiene and individual care, made accessible at a reasonably affordable fee.

Mission Statement

To be the first choice of every parent, when it  comes  to  the  education  of  their  children.


To help human beings reach their maximum potential of thoughtfulness, creativity, problem solving, love for peace, spirituality and all other aspects of humanity through the provision of developmentally appropriate prepared environment, freedom and scientific pedagogy during the early childhood and elementary years.

Salient Features

1. Montessori Trained and professionally qualified teaching staff.
2. Spacious and well ventilated classrooms.
3. Playground facility and physical education.
4. Exclusive Early Childhood / Preschool curriculum books.
5. True Montessori classroom environment.
6. Classes equipped with wide range of Montessori educational material.
7. Individualized attention and care for every child.
8. 2-teachers per classroom policy for Early Childhood / Preschool section.
9. Age-specific furniture and equipment for all children.


Regenerate  Pakistan  through  education. 


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