Our curriculum is comprised of a carefully prepared, fun and loving environment that encourages children to learn individually at their own pace. We have a dynamic learning environment with a wealth of concrete, manipulative learning materials that encourage the child to discover and learn during these crucial early childhood years. Montessori teachers are trained to observe each child and to put them in touch with things they are most interested in learning; the results are joy, immense satisfaction and excitement about learning.

Multi-age grouping, according to Montessori Philosophy, encourages older children of the environment to foster leadership skills. Both social and intellectual development is enhanced by this method of age grouping. Learning within this diverse group stimulates greater interest and encourages cooperation. The younger child learns through observation of the older child. In addition, the older student has the opportunity to become a leader and reinforce their knowledge as they help their younger friends.


Infant / Toddler (Day Care) (age birth to 2.5 years)
Early Childhood (age 2.5 to 6 years)
Lower Elementary / Primary (age 6 to 9) 
Upper Elementary / Primary (age 9 to 12) 


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