As the child progresses, they are introduced to sounds and symbols which lay the groundwork for reading and writing in the future. They are introduced to numbers and the decimal system with the most amazing concrete materials to show them the way. They learn about land and water forms, geometric figures, and the political countries of the world. They also learn about the parts of plants and animals and about music and art at their own pace.

It is during the end of this program that everything comes to fruition for the child. Reading, writing and mathematical understanding blossom from the many seeds that were planted in the previous two years. When the child completes the Primary program, they most importantly feel confident that learning is exciting and boundless. They are now ready to continue to the next level of education in Elementary classes either in Public/Private School or in another Montessori School offering Elementary programs.


Infant / Toddler (Day Care) (age birth to 2.5 years)
Lower Elementary / Primary (age 6 to 9) 
Upper Elementary / Primary (age 9 to 12) 


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